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We are Royal Controllers!

We started this journey right from the heart of the community of gamers, our goal is to make special new products like the industry never seen before and make the gamers to feel special when they play with our products. We want to be a positive presence in the gaming world by actually listening to the fans who support us, and by consistently delivering a quality experience.

Games let us create our own characters, outfits, weapons, and worlds. We take that need for customization outside the game and into your hands. Our custom artwork becomes a tattoo, engraved on the shell of your controller. Each theme is inspired by the games we love. Like a tattoo, its meaning and message are more than skin deep.

Finalized designs are produced starting with a process called hydro dipping, where the graphics are printed as a film decal based on the texture map. The film is laid on the surface of the water where it dissolves leaving the ink behind. The plates are precisely dipped so that the ink adheres directly to the plate. Fine details and vibrant colors are achieved through additional UV gel painting. The finished designs are polished to a soft touch finish.

The production process typically takes about 10 hours to complete. However, some of the more intricate designs can take 20 hours or more. Every controller is thoroughly assembled and tested before it leaves our doors, ensuring a quality product from beginning to end.

We are here to make your gaming experience more fun, more creative and more exciting, take a tour of our website and find your perfect controller today!